1/4 Inch Snow Foam Washer Sprayer Car Wash Soap Lance Spray Pressure Jet Bottle

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The washer sprayer and snow foam lance bottle are practical car cleaning tool, easy to rinse foam, can reduce cleaning time and labor cost.

This snow foam lance bottle can produce more lather, frothing foam for your use.
Easy to fill. Bottle with wide opening has filling / mixing contralateral mark.
Can be used with bottle grip.
Corrosion-resistant copper material nozzle enables long term usage.
Can be used for automotive washing for effective cleaning.
Fast connection, interchangeable.
Able to spray foam evenly, comparable to profession car wash.

Material: Lastics + Steel
Sprayer Length: 315mm / 12.4in
Bottle Size: 285 * 85mm / 11.22 * 3.35in
Package Weight: 780g / 27.51ounces
Package Size: 235 * 125 * 90mm / 9.25 * 4.92 * 3.54in

Packing List:
1 * Washer Sprayer
1 * Snow Foam Lance Bottle
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