3PAUTO po-wer Steering Ball po-wer Handle Spinner Steering Wheel Knob

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It's easy for driving and manipulating the steering wheel.
Reduce the resistance of steering to manipulate, convenient for parking, turning round, backing your car and so on.
When holding the knob, there is almost no gap between your palms and po-wer handle, so that the effort force is more average.
Provides a more flexible, convenient and efficiently controlling steering wheel, so drivers can focus on the environment and safer.
Made of premium quality material, reliable and durable.
Easy to install, suitable for most cars.

Note: This product is suitable for the car speed under 30 kilometers per hour!


Brand: 3PAUTO
Model: P001
Material: Alloy & Plastic
Color: Black, go-ld, sil-ver (optional)
Package Size: 9.2 * 7.2 * 7.2cm / 3.62 * 2.83 * 2.83in
Package Weight: 252g / 8.89oz

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