i17(TWS) Earbuds Wireless Air-pods Earphones Headphones

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Product Performance Description:
  • Headset is automatically started when it is taken out of the charging box.
  • Put it into the charging box and it starts charging automatically.
  • Support popover voice assistant calling.
  • Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 chip to solve the problem of postponement. The new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 chip has high compatibility, high quality, low power consumption and high stability.
  • Powerful battery life, up to 15 hours of powerful power reserve, 3-5 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Comfortable on-ear and non-sensory design Fits the ear.
Separation Mode:Wireless separation One in two One pair of headphones for two people to use independently.

Steps For Usage:

Remove the headset, turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, find our Bluetooth version, and then connect to use this product.

Memory Pairing:Automatically connect the next time after successfully connecting for the first time Convenient and fast

Summon Voice Assistant:Smart call siri long press the touch button to turn on your personal assistant

Human aesthetics:Comfortable on-ear and non-sensory design Fits the ear canal

Experience Feelings:

Very versatile, High-definition sound quality, Comfortable to wear, can be used by two people separately, it is very convenient to call a voice assistant.