KYAMRC KY-1816A RC Car 1/18 Simulation Beetle Model Gun-type RC Shock Absorption System

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1. The exterior design adopts a half-scale high-speed off-road vehicle shape, 1:18 simulation beetle model, simulation injection skeleton car shell, the lines are round and smooth, and the sense of strength is full. There is a spare tire on the top, which looks more realistic.

2. It is made of high-quality, safe and non-toxic plastic ABS + PVC + metal electronic components through a variety of processes. The body is strong, resistant to fall and collision, durable, and adapts to various harsh environments.

3. Equipped with rubber hollow tires, which are flexible and pressure resistant. Using large tires, it has stronger grip and cooler appearance; it can adapt to various complex terrains such as mountain roads, sandy ground, rocks, roads, and water surfaces.

4. Equipped with 260 new type strong magnet motor, strong power, variable speed throttle, maximum speed can reach 18KM/H. Support drifting, fast forward, backward, left turn, right turn, emergency brake and other modes.

5. The newly designed super cool gun-type RC, the RC distance can reach 50M. Built-in high-energy battery life, equipped with rear-wheel drive and excellent shock absorption system, more powerful driving and climbing capabilities, better off-road performance, and flexibility.

6. Equipped with independent high-elastic and independent suspension shock absorbers, the chassis is high, and it can climb up to 45 degree obstacles.

7. Shock absorber spring device, strong elasticity, can adapt to various venues. In addition, it can fully absorb the vibration caused by the road surface, buffer the impact and pressure brought by off-road, and drive more smoothly. The large torsion angle can be flexibly changed to easily cope with the challenges brought by various road conditions.

8. Equipped with a 4.8V 700mA Ni-Cd battery, the charging time is about 2 hours, and it can be operated continuously for about 15min when fully charged.

9. This is a single power version, packed in a portable gift box.


Model: KY-1816A